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Snap Event Offices, Paris

Interior design and decoration project.


The offices are located next to famous Art Deco Grand Rex building, in a 1st floor haussmannian style appartment. Large volumes, wall mouldings, fireplace is a great foundation for the project.  The start up company that will invest the place id lead by a business women who loves ethnic style, gatsby environment and in-out ambiance. 

Our mission consists of choosing all the furnitures and organise them in the best way for an informal co-working mode. We also supervised some painting work and installation of a whole new kitchen. We  designed all the brick wallpapers and selected nice plants.

Result is bright and feminine, chic and relax offices. 

"I loved to work with Alexandra and Carl. There are professionnals and efficients. They kept the timing for the project which is great as it was tight schedule. Thank you" - MA Presidente 

© photos Claire Illi

Selig&Renault_bureaux Snap Event_Paris_m
Selig&Renault_Bureaux Snap Event_Paris_s
Selig&Renault_Bureaux Snap Event_Paris_c
Selig&Renault_Bureaux Snap Event_Paris_T
Selig&Renault_Bureaux Snap Event_Paris_d
Selig&Renault_Bureaux Snap Event_Paris_d
Selig&Renault_Bureaux Snap Event_Paris_g
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