Selig & Renault

32 rue Leopold Bellan

75002 Paris, France  

Phone   +33 6 20 50 05 76

We can also welcome you in

Lyon and Montpellier.


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Alexandra and Carl met at GREY-WPP advertising agency. She was the accounts manager and he was the creative director.


They were used to working on advertising campaigns, managing clients briefs, presenting creative concepts for famous brands such as Nokia and Apple and decided to apply their creativity and communication skills to interior design. After many projects achieved on their own, they choose to join forces.


They like

... to work a design style that goes further than passing fads and trends,

... to feel the harmony of a place and bring well being and comfort with no aesthetic compromise,

... to respect the history of a place thus setting it off to its advantage,

... to set the scene based on a concept or a specific theme.




Selig & Renault - 32 rue Leopold Bellan, 75002 Paris - Tel : 06 20 50 05 76 - Mail :

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