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Design a setting that meet the needs of a concept that is very consistent with the overall communication strategy of the place and the brand.

Hôtel de Noailles 4*, Paris


Chez Mémé Restaurant, Paris


Maison Plissée, Paris

Maison Plissée, Paris

Selig&Renault restaurant_Chez Meme_Paris

Chez Mémé Restaurant, Paris

Selig&Renault Hotel AC PGBa.jpg

Appart'City Hotel, Paris

Selig&Renault AppartCity gamme Premium.j

Appart'City Hotel, Premium Category

Selig&Renault Chez Meme Paris_Facade.gif

Chez Mémé Restaurant, Paris

Selig Renault AppartCity gamme Confort_2

Appart'City Hotel, Comfort Category

Chez Mémé Restaurant, Paris

Marcel Restaurant, Paris

Louis Beef Restaurant, Paris