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Ready to move in Apartment Lebel, Vincennes

Renovation work, interior design and decoration.

Renovation work was necessary to be able to rent the 37 sqm apartment in extended stay furnished flat.

Objective was to make people have a crush for it as the period is challenging for renting apartments. We've revealed the existing parquet flooring for parisian chic, added well chosen wall paper in the living room and the bedroom, and we've selected furnitures and placed them with a theatrical symmetry.

Outcome of the ready to move in apartment  : 60 requests, 15 visits, immediate renting.

© photos Yvan Moreau

Selig&Renault_Lebel_Vincennes_pano chamb
Selig&Renault_Lebel_Vincennes_detail tap
Selig&Renault_Lebel_Vincennes_detail sal
Selig&Renault_Lebel_Vincennes_detail sus
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